JOSH GALT – General Partner

Josh has been working with insect-related entities since 2016, dividing his time between SE Asia and Latin America, and has hands-on experience with all facets of the industry from farm to table. He serves in executive committee roles with insect associations in Asia and North America, and has cultivated an extensive global network of insect-based entrepreneurs and startups.

He also created Entovegan, the controversial and growing movement to bring acceptance of edible insects to the vegetarian and vegan communities, and has presented on entomophagy in various countries at schools, universities, and startup events.

Previously, Josh was a sponsored extreme athlete and the director of multiple world championship outdoor sports events. He has two decades of experience with product development, marketing, and sales in various consumer goods industries, and also worked as a sports & lifestyle model for Nike, Adidas, Men’s Health, and more.